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Neurologists: Sweet and fatty foods make people stupider

Неврологи: Сладкие и жирные продукты делают людей глупееRecent studies have shown that with their constant use changing brain chemistry.

Foods rich in fats and sugar, cause criticism, not only from nutritionists. These products are placed in a special account at the neurologists.

If a person is constantly eating foods that are high in fat and sugar, his brain is “reprogrammed”, said the researchers. Changes in the brain can begin long before you see apparent weight.

Experiments with mice that were fed sweet milk, showed that after a month of this diet, the animals became much more impulsive. In humans, according to scientists, will also develop impulsivity in similar circumstances. This, in particular, is that people begin thoughtlessly to choose your own food prefer one that teases them without thinking about the usefulness of such food. In addition, they show other behavioral problems.

“Unhealthy foods are forced to weaken the self-control concerning food, a negative effect on memory and increase the risk of developing anxiety,” stated the scientists.

Simply put, fatty and sugary foods are stultifying. Observation of fat people who regularly consume such food showed that they reduced the activity of areas of the brain responsible for controlling hunger and the ability to reason.

At the same time, researchers are assured that a return to healthy food and physical activity can reverse many of the negative effects reversed.

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