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Network Vkontakte will not cooperate with lenders

Social network Vkontakte, as it is known, had planned a very close and, in terms of our stable economy, cooperation with NCB. It is a National credit Bureau, and the VC was going to take her users, which she will show a finger.

As it is reported. the decision to cooperate with the creditors guide Vkontakte to take in the end did not, but not for the reason that personal data is inviolable, which, incidentally, is written in the Constitution. All the more prosaic: NBCH Vkontakte and simply could not come to a uniform format of cooperation that would satisfy both sides. Perhaps in the future creditors still get to the database users of the VC, but in the near future it will not happen. But other social networks yet a big question – they may have to merge data without a formal notification of the owners of the pages.

In short, the solution to this issue is the only one – it is necessary to remove a maximum of personal information from social networks that fell into the hands of the same NBTI and other stakeholders. Solution number two is not to take out loans and to regularly inquire from banks about absence of loans taken in your name. We also add that Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, according to the decision of the holding Mail.Ru, who own them, will provide user data to law enforcement agencies upon the first request, without a court order.

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