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Network laugh the fat statement, “Deputy Prime Minister DND”

Сеть насмешило заявление растолстевшего "вице-премьера ДНР"He spoke about the rising prices.

The growth of prices in “DNR” said that laughing at his “Deputy Prime Minister” Martynov.

At the end of November in the occupied Donetsk region has risen again food. A particularly negative reaction from local residents has caused the growth of prices for bread. “Deputy Prime Minister DNR” Igor Martynov responding to the situation, stating that “developed the concept, which will allow to stabilize prices.” Locals the efforts of “official” is not appreciated. In one of the local groups started a heated discussion (Published selected comments, keeping orfografii and style of the authors).

“Martynov this cabin like he’s eating for the whole “DNR”;

“Fat people are good (tight) eat, it is a fact, well, our officials and traffic cops always in my good cab instead of a face, even the head of the DND won both plump, certainly not from poor nutrition obviously…”;

“first you need the price much to raise then to lower their sensitive to…”;

“Raise prices,and then stabilize”;

“Yeah , and what MPs we sit. Nepotism for*Balo, sex for career got.It is better not to find, and worse -the government!!!”;

“Promise not to marry!)))”;

“Uuuuuuuuh well and face. emoe”;

“On its face , shows that people are worried about prices, also nothing to buy on my salary”;

“And you pictures of powerful people now compare with pre-war,everything is clear without words,at the trough it’s clear well”

Сеть насмешило заявление растолстевшего "вице-премьера ДНР"
Сеть насмешило заявление растолстевшего "вице-премьера ДНР"

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