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Network laugh photo “diverse” Putin

Сеть насмешило фото «многоликого» ПутинаThe analyst drew attention to an interesting detail.

Ukrainian political analyst and blogger Alexei golobutsky noticed some weirdness in the appearance of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Thus, in his Telegram channel it showed how to change the face of the head of the Russian Federation just a week.

“On top of today’s (March 16 – Ed.) the appeal to Putin with an appeal to come on elections, and the bottom – congratulation with the 8th of March. A week has passed, and how he has changed. Botox for the week melted away, and make-up, the other imposed. The many faces of a dwarf…” – said golobutsky.

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Сеть насмешило фото «многоликого» Путина

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