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Network impressed “magic” way of cooking eggs

Сеть впечатлил «магический» способ варки яицSteamer.

The international imageboard Reddit user talked about an unusual method of cooking a few eggs over the pan. Flying in the air, the product impressed the visitors of the forum.

Judging by the roller, the egg should be set over a hole in the lid of the steamer, whence comes a jet of hot air. Due to the pressure it not only falls, but also brought to readiness. In recognition of the author of the entry, this method has advantages over traditional cooking in boiling water: protein never sticks to the shell, so the egg is easy to clean.

In a few hours, the video has gained more than 20 thousand “pros” and hundreds of comments. Users discussed not only the original way of cooking, but also its efficiency. “If this is a valid way to boil an egg or just prepare to approximate the degree of edibility, then I’m a fucking wizard-chef, and this would be my only trick,” — enthusiastically said one of the users. He immediately found potential spectators and sponsors.

As it turned out, some commentators familiar with this method. One user described it as “fantastic”: according to his description, thanks to a few burning very quickly you can cook a perfect soft-boiled eggs.

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