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Network funny story about the people of Kiev, “fighting” with turnstiles

Сеть рассмешила история о киевлянах, "сражающихся" с турникетамиPeople get used to the innovations.

Residents of the capital after the metro price hike July 15 can not deal with the green and blue tokens.

About this on his page in Facebook said Dmitry Kaliszewski.

He described two incidents, which saw in the subway.

“The majority of Kiev residents still know that the subway went up the passage, through which again the half-forgotten return of the blue tokens. However, green still take some time. Therefore, when entering the turnstiles to the left left for “little green men”, and on the right is converted to blue. Not to confuse, the display of token pasted on each turnstile,” said Kaliszewski.

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“Here is the first body of the nominee. Out. In the headphones (and I’ll tell you – people with headphones is generally not paying enough attention to the surrounding world). Gets a green badge, throws it in the blue turnstile and gets crackers with a kick. Surprised, retreating from the aggressive techniques, takes a token from the branch “coin return” and repeats the operation. The result is the same… In the end, bright body jumps feet and falls into the arms of a police officer who continues to Express all that he thinks about a color palette, badges, turnstiles and subway at all,” said Kaliszewski first story.

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According to him, the other rebuked the first character in that he doesn’t know about the increase of metro and blue tokens.

“Here, blue tokens entered!” and a sense of moral superiority goes to the green turnstiles …Behind my back loudly snapped her paws, and there was a resentful voice: “it’s an Outrage! Here, the turnstile has not yet converted to the new tokens. I’ll report you!” Police have released a previous extraction and resignedly went to rescue from the clutches of technological progress the next victim,” added Kaliszewski.

Сеть рассмешила история о киевлянах, "сражающихся" с турникетами

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