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Network fun cartoon on the “wall of trump”

Сеть повеселила карикатура на "стену Трампа"“All hope for the Russian pensioners”.

American artist Matt Davis ridiculed the so-called “wall of trump” on the border of USA and Mexico into a fun caricature.

A picture shared on his Facebook page Russian cartoonist Sergei Elkin.

“A wall against the Mexicans no longer needed!” – the inscription on the figure.

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Сеть повеселила карикатура на "стену Трампа"

Social media users also reacted with humour to the news that trump has instructed to start the construction of the wall, stating that in the end will pay for it are the Mexicans.

“The U.S. Congress refused Trump’s funding of the wall with Mexico. Mexico also refused to build a wall for your money. There’s only one hope – it is the pensioners of Russia”, – wrote Alex Chwedoruk.

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Other commentators noted that “everyone is afraid of stoned Fox”.

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