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Network excited: the British have taught the cat to knock on the door

Сеть в восторге: британец научил кота стучать в дверьFrom the cat in love the whole world.

26-year-old Briton Dan Richardson (Dan Richardson) was driving a car on the street of the English town of Bootle, when he witnessed some unusual scenes. Richardson just stopped to enter the desired address into the GPS, turned his head and saw such a miracle. And, of course, filmed it all on video.

Obviously, extremely polite and not less clever cat (or the cat) climbed up on the garbage can that stood near the door, and reaching up to door knocker, several times he pulled. And sat down to wait, when it will welcome.

“I was sitting in the car and my peripheral vision noticed movement. Turning his head, saw a cat climbs on a dumpster and tries to reach the door. So I pulled out my phone to shoot it on video. You don’t see every day.”

Dan posted a video in social networks, and it has been viewed over 300 thousand times. And we are still wondering how it ended – let if the owner is a polite pet or a cat tried in vain?

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