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Network admire the figure of Britney Spears in a bikini: “Everything is just perfect!”

Britney Spears

The life of a 36-year-old Britney Spears, it seems, is not able to spoil even the disputes with her ex-husband: she is happy with Sam Asgari, spends a lot of time with the children and successfully goes on tour with the tour “Piece of Me”. A fresh photo on her Instagram page prove that she still turns to keep fit.

The singer posted some fresh pictures in a swimsuit by the pool.

Was not able to decide what’s best: hair up or down… she shared doubts about the signature.

Followers, Spears responded to this review stars, and hastened to convince her that you don’t have to worry about hairstyles.

Up or down… What a difference! You are the Queen!And up and down – everything is just perfect!I also have a swimsuit with the colors of Zebra, but you will at the same look better!– here are just some of the comments received Britney in the network.

Good shape especially need the star on the stage, because her concert is filled with complex dance with elements of acrobatics.

I like intense workout. I start with cardio, and then start strength training. Here, exercises with dumbbells, and squats, and pushups. Finish each session with stretching… I run a lot, swim a lot, dance a lot. For example, yesterday danced all night — we had a three hour rehearsal and told the singer about what kind of exercises does in training.


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