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Netizens suspected that Elena Flying pregnant

The Network began to spread rumors that the famous TV presenter Elena is in a Volatile position. The fact that the celebrity is already a year married, and in the last photos the Internet users spotted changes in the body of the Fly.

Пользователи Сети заподозрили, что Елена Летучая беременна

Many believe that Elena Fly noticeably rounded stomach. In some pictures the followers even leave happy comments, congratulations, couple with the long-awaited event.

The presenter repeatedly said that with a new spouse, businessman Yuri Anashenkov, it is incredibly comfortable. One of the last photos – wedding. Volatile wrote that their marriage turned a year.

But a spokesman for Helena denied Flying all information about the possible pregnancy of a celebrity. Flying itself is in no way reacts to such statements.

Note that Elena has repeatedly admitted that he dreams about big and strong family. She plans to have children, but, apparently, it dreams not come true.

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