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Netizens saw the Mars “statue” aliens

Пользователи сети увидели на Марсе "статуи" инопланетянOne of the groups even resembles the profile of a Buddha.

On one of the satellite images of Mars that can be seen by the application “Google Mars” ufologists noticed a strange formation.

They look like statues of people, made in the profile. Supposedly so that they can be seen only from the height of bird flight.

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The blog UFO Sightings Daily reported that the coordinates of these objects are 33°12’29.82″N, 12°55’51.21″W.

Two of the statues look like faces in profile, and one of them resembles the Buddha. The center also has a formation resembling a human, which points forward. He is also depicted on the side. On the left in the picture you can notice how ufologists believe, a “pointer”.

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Пользователи сети увидели на Марсе "статуи" инопланетян

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