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Netizens saw the Mars “statue” aliens

Пользователи сети увидели на Марсе "статуи" инопланетянOne of the groups even resembles the profile of a Buddha.

On one of the satellite images of Mars that can be seen by the application “Google Mars” ufologists noticed a strange formation.

They look like statues of people, made in the profile. Supposedly so that they can be seen only from the height of bird flight.

The blog UFO Sightings Daily reported that the coordinates of these objects are 33°12’29.82″N, 12°55’51.21″W.

Two of the statues look like faces in profile, and one of them resembles the Buddha. The center also has a formation resembling a human, which points forward. He is also depicted on the side. On the left in the picture you can notice how ufologists believe, a “pointer”.

Пользователи сети увидели на Марсе "статуи" инопланетян

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