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Netflix releases the series based on the film by Yury Bykov (TEASER)

The plot of the series “Seven seconds” (Seven Seconds) based on the criminal drama “Major” Director and screenwriter Yuri Bykov. However, if the original question was about what turns a man of power, about the relationship between ordinary people and those in uniform, the version of Netflix rises is also a topic of interracial conflicts in society. So the scale of the history will increase.

That sounds like a synopsis of “Seven seconds”:

White COP accidentally shoots down a black teenager in Boston and Washington jumps up racial tensions, and the attempt to cover this case turns only even more severe consequences for all residents.

Oversees the project of the Wine Cabreros Court, which is behind the American TV series “Murder”.

The caste “Seven seconds” involving Claire-hope Esiti (“children of men”), owner of the award “Emmy” Regina king (“American crime”), Raul Castillo (“Gotham”), Beau Knapp (“Bones”), and other actors.

There is a suspicion that we are waiting for a powerful drama with elements of hard Thriller. However, let’s wait and see.

The first season will consist of 10 episodes, the premiere is scheduled for February 23, 2018.

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