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Netflix is planning a sequel to “death note”

A couple of days ago the “death note” opened in front of the audience and now collects in its pages the names of critics, has left unflattering reviews of the film. And by the way, a lot.

Beautiful, but empty. Too much but not enough. These words ambiguous cues are flying in the direction of the Director adaptation of the cult manga by Adam Wingard.

He, however, hoped that the project will be sequels:

In the end, there are plenty of places to explore along with light. And ultimately, it’s the story of the almost complete fall of this character. It was sort of a beginning or an origin story. Of course, there are many areas for development, and we present how to use it. I hope that people will watch it, and Netflix will order a sequel. They are definitely ready. They just need people who will watch it.

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In addition, Wingard said that the film was originally designed as a serial:

We left it open to continue. When I first came to Netflix, I said at least two parts or maybe three, warning that it will be an origin story. Of course, we designed the film so that it was self-sufficient. There is no guarantee the sequels. They need to earn. In its own way I really like that the film ends on such a difficult for all the characters. This is a rather unconventional ending for any kinokomiksa and I love it.

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But did the crowd? Wingard has earned the right to sequels or ruined material? What do you say?

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