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Neil Marshall promises bloody and grim, the film is about Hellboy

Restart kinofranshizy about a guy from Hell is a film for adults. We already know that will be directed by the Creator of “the Descent” by Neil Marshall, and the main role went to the star of the show “Very strange things” to David harbour, know that the film will be called “Hellboy: rise of the Bloody Queen” (Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen) and that this movie’s age rating R. Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman in the project did not participate, but in any case, approve the decision of the Studio to shoot a new story about Hellboy.

Welcome this idea and we, especially because we promise something really bloody, dark and terrifying in the best sense of the word. Neil Marshall himself has visited Mick Garris in the next edition of the audio podcast Post Mortem, which was told literally the following:

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We got the OK to make a film rated R, so I have a free hand. Now we can just make a film, I want to rent. There’s no stopping you. This is important. And I am sure that the success of such films as “Deadpool” and “Logan” obviously helped us. It is also important that you nourish it [the comic]the original source, which is quite bloody, and I’m going to display it.

There is a reason for joy and those of us who appreciate so-called “practical” effects, that is to say prefers a good old-fashioned animatronics and special make up newfangled CGI:

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Definitely we will try at maximum to stuff this film with practical effects as possible. I love to shoot like that, and CG I use as a “magic wand” which helps to expand the world, but never be a substitute for the real effects when you can get them.

The screenplay is already written. Worked on it the Creator of the original comic the Exception of Mike, Andrew Cosby and notorious writer (which is important – author of horror) Christopher Golden. Are Executive producers Christa Campbell, lati, Groban and Carl Hampe.

The premiere of the film “Hellboy: rise of the Bloody Queen” waiting in 2018.

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