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Neil Blomkamp will take the new “Robocop”!

Studio MGM is developing the movie “Robocop returns” (RoboCop Returns), and as previously reported, this is a direct sequel to the original 1987! Sounds awesome, to me! Moreover, at the helm stand none other than Neil Blomkamp, a big fan of merciless old school, cyberpunk, and other social fiction. To a wide audience, the South African native known for the films “District 9” “Elysium” and “the Robot named Chappy”. In addition, last year the man has attracted the attention of a pilot project Studios Oats. Dark, horse Blomkamp never trusted, but here was given to play with goonie. I think this idea is likely to get something cool. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Edward Neumeier and Michael miner, the authors of the original “Robocop” directed by Paul Verhoven more than 30 years ago, participate in the project as producer and Executive producer respectively. Screenwriter , Justin B. Rhodes, participating in the creation of a new “Terminator”, will blow the dust off of the script Neumeier and miner, which was written many years ago as a continuation of the hit Verhoeven, but in the end lay on the shelf until better times.

Here’s how Neil Blomkamp speaks about the project in comments for the resource Deadline:

The original definitely had a huge influence on me in childhood. He loved me then and still remains a classic of science fiction of the late 20th century with a deep meaning hidden in the subtext. I hope we can get this working on the sequel. That’s my goal. The fact that I was closest to when I was a kid, has changed over time. Initially in the foreground was seen as consumerism, materialism and Reaganomics, one of the America of the 80s on steroids. But as I grew older, the soul was more interested other things — identity and the search for identity. Good story, if it has a humanistic component will work in any time, it is not limited to a specific period in history. What’s cool about “Robocop” is the fact that, as in good westerns, science fiction movies and dramas, human relationship is of great importance for good stories. I now attracted to the theme of lost identity, taken away by people who are trying to benefit from this, and the observation of how events shake the memory. This is the most exciting. Another thing that interests me is the chance to work again with Justin Rhodes. He brought something amazing sequel which develops in the world of Verhoeven. This is the kind of movie that I’d love to see.

But why the script Neumeier and miner were not implemented years ago? Say, due to many reasons. To the writers ‘ strike of 1988, the authors managed to finish only a draft, requiring significant improvements. And when it turned out that Verhoeven does not intend to return in the sequel, then the writers left the project. In the Studio decided that the idea of a draft script was too ambitious to complete them without the original authors, and in the end was written entirely different script that formed the basis for “Robocop 2” in 1990.

And guess why the Studio bosses suddenly remembered about the draft after all these years? It seems that Neumeier and miner, drawing even more insane and ruthless future, anticipating the victory of someone like Donald trump in the presidential election in the USA! So no brand of political satire “Robocop returns” just will not do.

So, looking forward to further news about the project.

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