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Neil Blomkamp reiterated the fifth “Alien”

The evening ceases to be languid…

We all remember the story of how a good Director Neil Blomkamp decided to shoot his movie about xenomorph – a sequel which, in his opinion, the fans deserve it. He was going to ignore everything after “Aliens” by James Cameron, to return to the screens are Ripley, corporal Hicks and a grown-up newt. It was not just “notions”: Blomkamp laid out in social networks cool concept art, announcing the “comeback” of favorite characters. First, the majority thought it was only a dream of the Director, but then he received an official nod to the project. However, the Director was happy for long.

Intervened in the case of Ridley Scott, who undertook the continuation of “Prometheus”. Spawn of alien in theaters, the Studio decided not to, and the motion Blomkamp quickly curled. And then the Director himself has confirmed that his “Alien” died because of old Ridley. Someone was glad that the events of “Alien 3” by David Fincher will not be rewritten, and someone is angry that the young talent do not give the opportunity to realize themselves. The latter is especially increased after the release of “Testament” and statements by Scott that he is dark, horse is not much of interest – artificial intelligence.

But the situation has changed again. Not managed to get information that the continuation of the “Covenant” abolished Blomkamp immediately intensified. He posted in social networks some concept art of his version of “Alien” – with futuristic appliances, clothing, and a man who met a alien in the ventilation shaft.

The time was chosen for a reason. If one project is buried, maybe at the same time will free place to other? Because posts with cool pictures at the time it all started – and all of a sudden about the contract with 20th Century Fox began to report. Can history be repeated? How to know how to know… At least Blomkamp is very time currently recalled. In just a few hours published in Instagram the concepts gathered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, fans still want to see “Alien” Ripley’s in years, with Hicks, and most importantly – the alien in the center of attention, and not with androids.

Will this something, time will tell.

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