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Near the Earth discovered unusual objects

Около Земли обнаружили необычные объекты The exact origin of the objects is not yet known.

According to the news, in the journal MNRAS, astronomers have discovered a new near Earth satellites, which were named the clouds Kordylewskiego. It is noted that body fly at the same distance as the Moon. They are classified as the most significant bodies near our planet.

Objects, by the way, was seen in 1961 Casimir Kordylewski. Then the astronomer saw a large number of dust clusters, which prevented the passage of sunlight and star light. Observations in the last century are unable to prove other scientists, so they were denied.

Find objects tried Hungarian astronomers. They have developed a technique according to which a collision with the bodies will change the polarization of the rays of the Sun passing through certain points. In the end, had traces of polarization 20% of sunlight in the region L5. The point is located behind the Moon.

According to the findings, the polarization was generated not one body, but two. Every cloud exceeds the size of the moon at least three times. While it is not clear, the object is stable or not, and how much they are already flying over the Moon.

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