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Near the bridge in the Village, the terrorists placed the trap

В районе моста в Станице террористы разместили ловушкуObservers recorded the location of hand grenades of terrorists in 4-5 m South of the destroyed part of the bridge.

The militants placed a hand grenade near a destroyed bridge in the Village of Lugansk. About it the press service of the mission.

“Close to the positions of armed groups of 4-5 m to the South from the destroyed part of the bridge in the Village of Lugansk the team of SMM for the first time saw a hand grenade (with fuse inserted, the pin of which was visible, ed.), attached to the edge of the fence at knee level. The fence is along a narrow passage, which is used by pedestrians when crossing the bridge. On the other side of the aisle, facing grenades, observers saw the wire and the bracket attached to the wall of tires,” – said the press service.

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According to CMM, the length of the wire allowed to throw it over the fence and attach it to a grenade, making possible its use as booby-traps.

Later observers noted that the hand grenade was removed along with the wire and bracket.

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