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Near Saturn photographed “space dumpling”

Возле Сатурна сфотографировали «космический пельмень»Cassini took the pictures of one of Saturn’s moons.

NASA space probe Cassini has taken pictures of one of Saturn’s moons that has an unusual shape. Photos of cosmic bodies is published on the Agency’s website.

Business Insider compares the shape of the satellite pan with “frozen ravioli the size of new York”, while netizens have called him “space dumpling”. Shooting the moon was held March 7 with a distance of more than 24 thousand kilometers. Body size is 35 by 35 by 25 kilometres. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Images of pan were made in the near infrared region by means of a subsystem imaging Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS). Thanks to this picture has turned out very clear and large image of the object at the present time. Experts hope to learn the origin of the body.

Automatic interplanetary station “Cassini” was launched in 1997 and reached the Saturn system in 2004. its task is the study of the structure of the rings, and the dynamics of the atmosphere and magnetosphere of the planet.

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