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Near Odessa man stabbed because of jealousy

Под Одессой мужчину зарезали из-за ревности The offender next eight years will spend in prison.

48-year-old resident of Odesa was sentenced to eight years in prison, who out of jealousy killed his neighbor. To conceal the murder, his body dumped in an abandoned well.

It all started with the fact that the inhabitant of one of villages called the police, telling that she lost a son. It turned out that the guy went missing for more than a year ago her son left home and never returned. But she was sure that he was killed.

Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers found the body of a man in one of the wells 30 meters. The woman in the dead man found out his missing son.

It turned out that the man was killed, by putting a knife in the heart. Soon the cops are on the trail of a 48-year-old killer.

The man was detained on the same day. It turned out, the day of the tragedy, he, along with his mistress, her friends and the victims were drinking.

After the feast, the kitchen remained the wife of the owner and the victim, who began to molest her. In this moment has entered the room the woman’s husband.

Seeing the oil painting, the offender could not restrain himself and with a kitchen knife stabbed a friend in the heart. To conceal the crime, the man threw the body into the well.

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