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Near Kropiwnicki found a dangerous object

Недалеко от Кропивницкого нашли опасный объектThe background radiation of the structure exceeds all indicators.

Under Kropiwnicki unknown in search of the stolen metal was a radioactive waste dump. At the scene of the dosimeter readings show dangerous levels of radiation in the 70 micro-roentgen.

It is noted that the containers of contaminated with cesium-137 earth and metal 30 years has lain in the soil a few kilometers from the regional center. Waste could not be touched for 300 years.

After thieves dug up the grave, the radiation level is almost ten times higher than normal background.

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According to the head of the city Inspectorate Andrey Maksyuta, the high level of radiation it emits also iron, which has taken in points of reception of metal. He noted that we are talking about tons of scrap metal.

“The excavator was working at full capacity, people with sledgehammers and crowbars, but I got there, just asking what are you doing here – from the digger stopped and they began to flee. Excavator operator in twist, two employees in the land,” – said Maksyuta.

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He also noted that the waste was prikopat at a depth of 10 meters. In Soviet times this place was secretly buried by the consequences of technological accidents at one of the companies. The man stressed that under SELA are several moten containers of radioactive waste.

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