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Near Krasnodar was a family of cannibals

Law enforcement bodies of Krasnodar territory have detained a couple suspected of at least 30 killings in the last 18 years.

Police have information about the seven victims, but the perpetrators have confessed in the three dozen cases. Since 1999, the couple killed random people, dismembered and ate them. Sometimes even made preparations for the winter.

When it caught a family of cannibals accident:

…on one of streets of Krasnodar was discovered the mobile phone that during the inspection there were weird pictures. They man and woman posed together with parts of human bodies.

The phone gave the police, who quickly came to the owners, hooked a psychologist, and he has brought the woman into a confession. She identified about 30 people who were considered missing.

In addition, in the house of the ogres found a lot of phones and even cook human meat. Then during a search of the excavations revealed the remains of seven different bodies.

Terribly aware of this, but if it wasn’t so blatant carelessness and confidence in their own impunity, the murderers could do their bloody business for a very long time.

So much for “Krasnodar chainsaw massacre”, a pancake.

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