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Near Kiev the truck broke in half car

Под Киевом грузовик разорвал пополам иномаркуThe wagon passed into the oncoming lane.

June 30, on the highway Kyiv – Chernihiv facing the truck and passenger car. Volkswagen broke in half on the truck.

The accident occurred near the village of skybyn Brovary district, at about 16:20. Prichinoy accident could be the weather. All day it rained, so the road could be slippery.

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“The rear part of the car hung on a wagon, and the front portion was thrown about twenty meters,” – said in a note.

The driver of the car said that the truck passed into the oncoming lane, he abruptly turned the wheel to avoid a collision, but the cars still collided. In turn, the other driver says that “counter” has popped up Volkswagen.

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Is on the scene patrol police will be investigating the circumstances of the accident. Information on casualties yet. According to the page “Chernigov Live”, there were no casualties. In the direction of Chernigov was a traffic jam.

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