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Near Kiev, the alien jumped out of the train

Под Киевом иностранец выпрыгнул из поездаGeorgian born in 1988 rode the train “Minsk-Kiev”.

Near Kiev man jumped out of the car because he wanted to escape from border control at the station in the Darnytsia district of the capital.

It is known that he had exceeded the period of stay in Ukraine. Then the man was brought to administrative responsibility and was sent home.

Already 13 days alien decided to come into the country without permits and tried to hide from the border border. The Georgians decided not to get to Kyiv, namely, to the station “Darnitsa”, where the guards check. The man broke the window in the compartment and jumped out of the train.

The border guards reported the escape almost immediately, so they managed to detain illegals. The man was placed in temporary detention, and then prosecuted.

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