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Near Jupiter, circling restless “UFO”

Возле Юпитера кружил неугомонный «НЛО»Ufologists discuss the movie.

The American space Agency NASA about a month ago I published a video taken from space of the probe and the UFO spotted near the surface of Jupiter a suspicious object which they took for UFOs.

In the Internet appeared the video, in which the increased UFO pictures NASA, showing the presence of green anomalies over the surface of the giant planet.

If you enlarge the picture, you can clearly see a green object with a fairly sharp contours and differences in lighting faces. One of the authors of the video said that the alien ship is just a giant – its width can reach 257 km. However, the majority of users strongly doubt that the footage is really a spaceship.

“Green is the color of the object, most likely, gives the ionizing radiation of Jupiter. Charged high-energy particles illuminate any object, be it a probe or a UFO. But in this case, there is reflected from one facet of the green object the sunlight,” writes one user.

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