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Near Donetsk military equip new position. Video

Вблизи Донецка военные обустраивают новые позиции. ВидеоThe soldiers closer to the occupied Donetsk.

Ukrainian soldiers of the battalion “Kiev” equip new positions near the occupied Donetsk. The corresponding video was published by the Military TV of Ukraine.

In front of us – ordinary men with no job, no money. In the dugouts – bulbulyator. Angry, embittered, afraid of us. What is there about us said I don’t know, but they are so afraid of us not even want to leave. Hundreds of them are worth one of our soldier – described enemy the platoon commander of “Kiev”.

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He also showed reclaimed from the militants trophy – thrower “bumblebee” of the Russian production, says keeping it “just in case”.

Fighter “Casper”, who is working on the development of new items, said that only six months ago, he went to the “demobilization”, but for a long time at home not to stay long – came back to the front. Calls to this and other fighters, said they owe that to the families and loved ones.

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