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Near Chernovtsy accidentally discovered a “miracle of nature”

Под Черновцами случайно обнаружили "чудо природы"A rare mushroom is the flower of found in Bukovina specialist forest gospodarstwa.

Mushroom ended for the chief specialist of Department of forestry and hunting in Chernivtsi OLEH Basil Govuk unique find, which turns the idea of the plant world of the Carpathians.

As reported in the press service of the Chernivtsi regional management of forestry and hunting, he saw a “flowering” Pseudocolus fusiformis, spindle-shaped or Kalmanka, listed in the Red book of Ukraine on the conservation status of “rare”.

“Returning from mushroom hunting in the field, on the public pasture, where the swampy ground between the places She and Play, I saw in the grass a bright red miracle a flower diameter of about 15 cm, It had the annoying five petals, and looked just fabulous . Nothing like I had ever seen, although you can say that I grew up in the mountains and working for a long time in the forest, ” said Havoc.

Professional experience and knowledge of the nature suggested to go with a mysterious discovery carefully, he recorded her on a mobile phone. Who did not show – no one ever of such a flower never seen, even the rural old-timers. And it was not just a flower, and a mushroom-flower, listed in the Red book of Ukraine.

According to experts, still it was thought that krasnoknizhnykh mushroom called the fusiform Kilmarnock (the only way, the representative of the kind of reshetochki in Ukraine) are found singly and rarely only in the Lviv region and Crimea. Last time, as evidenced by serious scientific sources, he was seen in October 2005. Since then, information about it was not. By the way, the effects of fungus on human body have not been studied.

The of Kalmanka in the valley near the village Roztoky and also recorded in writing and on tape story Govuk about the circumstances of the miracle of the findings handed over to the specialists of the Department of botany and forestry of the Chernivtsi national University. They in turn will send information to the Commission and the scientific Council of the Red book of Ukraine.

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