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Near Cairo found an ancient tomb

Под Каиром нашли древнюю гробницуScientists will continue to research discovered in the tomb.

Czech archaeological mission working in the area of the necropolis of Saqqara near Cairo, discovered a large tomb of the era of V dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs (2504 – 2347 BC), told reporters the head of the Supreme Council for antiquities Mustafa Vaziri.

According to him, the tomb is made of limestone and brick, belonged to a man named Ka IRAs, who lived in the middle period of the reign V dynasty when pharaohs Neferefre and Niuserre. He supposedly held the position of chargé d’affaires of the Pharaoh, as evidenced by the engraved inscriptions on the walls.

Archaeologists also found in the main shaft of the tomb shattered monument of pink granite that depicts the “owner” of burial.

In the archaeological complex of Saqqara, in the vicinity of the Egyptian capital is the ancient necropolis, the first graves which date back to the first dynasty of the pharaohs (XXXI – XXIX century BC). One of the most famous monuments of Saqqara is considered the step pyramid of Djoser.

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