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NBU softens supervision of pawnshops

НБУ смягчит надзор за ломбардами The national Bank will facilitate the supervision of certain financial companies.

The national Bank of Ukraine plans to liberalize the influence and supervision of some nonbank institutions, including pawnshops.

This was announced by first Deputy head of the NBU Kateryna Rozhkova.

“There is a financial non-Bank institutions that do not carry the risk of lenders is a pawn, leasing companies, factoring and financial companies, which do not attract client funds. For these companies, from our point of view, it is necessary to liberalize supervision,” she said.

Rozhkova noted that companies that do not bear the risk of the creditor, will not apply stringent prudential requirements regarding capital and liquidity.

“The basic law will be the law on protection of consumer rights”, – she explained.

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