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NBU has introduced a mobile application “Ukrainian hryvnia”

НБУ представил мобильное приложение «Украинская гривня»The app contains video reviews of the upgraded banknotes.

The national Bank of Ukraine today, August 31, 2017, introduced a mobile app “Ukrainian hryvnia”.

This is stated on the official website of the NBU.

According to the acting Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy, the specialists of the controller for the first time developed a special mobile application on the protection of the national currency. Gadget to help learn about more than 20 of the protection elements of the Ukrainian hryvnia.

“For a new economy a very important knowledge to consumers about financial products and the ability to use them. Today I am proud that, in addition to historic national context, we can talk about the national currency the language of modernity and to protect Ukrainians by providing relevant information in accessible and understandable for everyone form,” Smoliy said.

In an interactive form in the application played a protective characteristics with the simulated view of the banknote against the light, played the kinematic effect, the elements are felt by touch, images, and inscriptions can be seen with a magnifying glass.

The application also provides video reviews of the updated banknotes of 100 and 500 UAH for detailed study.

Download the mobile app “Ukrainian hryvnia” in App Store or Google Play. He also will be available for download on the website of the NBU.

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