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NBC will rerun “the boxtrolls”

In the mid 60-ies of XX century on TV competed with each other, two creepy little family: Addams and Munster. We have more known first, but the scale of the planet the second is also not deprived of the love of the audience. It was a black Comedy about the monstrous, colorful and charismatic heroes; the TV series was a success, but if Addams is firmly nestled in the media space (especially with a remake in the 90s), their neighbors on the grid slowly began to forget.

But soon things can change: NBC planned to restart “the boxtrolls” (The Munsters). By the way, a couple of years ago with Masterov already shook off the dust of time. On Halloween of 2012 showed a modern take on the classic sitcom, a forty-minute episode of “Mockingbird lane” (Mockingbird Lane). It was the work of Bryan singer (“X-Men”) and Bryan fuller (“Hannibal”), and the production budget amounted to as much as $ 10 million. At the end of it. And now a new attempt.

At the helm of the project – Jill Kargman, the Creator of “the Wrong mother”. She sits down in a chair as Executive producer and will do the script, good ideas she already has. In particular, the new version series of a family of Munsterhof will get used to the “hipster Brooklyn”.

Synopsis of the original show introduced us to characters:

The adventures of members of creepy, but good-natured family Monsterof. The head of the family Herman — complete analogue of the Frankenstein monster, his wife Lily and father-in-law, whom everyone calls just “Grandpa” — the vampire with experience, and younger son Eddie is a werewolf. The only “ugly duckling” in the family was niece Marilyn, the normal girl.

The series was on CBS from 1964 to 1966 and was nominated for the award “Golden globe”.

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