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NBA: Lakers lost to the clippers, misfire “Toronto” and “San Antonio”

НБА: «Лейкерс» уступили «Клипперс», осечки «Торонто» и «Сан-Антонио»In the main basketball League in the world continues regular season.

Derby Los Angeles without LeBron James expected ended with the victory of “clippers”. The key to the match was cut at the end of the third quarter, when nominal guests began their long burst. The Lakers missed 22 points in a row and are unable to return to the game. Most effective “clippers” became Lou Williams (36+7 rebounds).

The sensational leader of the West “Denver” in a tight match pulled out a victory over “San Antonio”. The main Creator of the next victory, “nuggets” was Jamal Murray (31+6 rebounds) and Nikola jokić (21+9 rebounds+9 assists) getting to close to the triple-dablu.

The main sensation of the day was the failure of the “Toronto” in the away match against “Orlando”. The raptors have implemented only 28% of shots from the game and with a giant backlog of lost the battle on the boards (41 selection vs 60). Phenomenal match gave Nikola Vucevic, who managed for 33 minutes to collect a double double-double (30+20 rebounds+8 assists).

Ukrainian foreign players in the NBA Alexey LAN (“Atlanta”) and Sviatoslav mykhailiuk (“Lakers”) in today’s matches did not participate. Lana back problems, but mykhailiuk was not included in the rotation of the Lakers by the decision of the coaching staff.

The results of the matches of the day:

Charlotte – Brooklyn 100:87 (33:17, 21:25, 19:23, 27:22)

Indiana – Detroit 125:88 (32:21, 26:24, 33:24, 34:19)

Orlando – Toronto 116:87 (25:29, 32:19, 35:15, 24:24)

Washington – Chicago 92:101 (22:20, 20:20, 30:34, 20:27)

Miami – Cleveland 118:94 (29:30, 27:22, 26:17, 36:25)

Minnesota – Atlanta 120:123 OT (27:42, 32:29, 30:18, 23:23, 8:11)

New Orleans – Dallas 114:112 (26:29, 29:37, 31:22, 28:24)

Phoenix – Oklahoma 102:118 (29:36, 28:22, 27:23, 18:37)

Denver – San Antonio 102:99 (31:23, 30:24, 17:28, 24:24)

L. A. Lakers – L. A. Clippers 107:118 (23:28, 31:23, 26:31, 27:36)

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