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NBA: Cleveland has become the second participant in the finals of the playoffs

НБА: «Кливленд» стал вторым участником финала плей-оффThe operating champion of NBA “Cleveland” for the third consecutive time the championship rings will argue with the “Golden State”.

Excessive complacency in the third game of the series with “Boston” cost “Cleveland” loss impressive winning streak in the playoffs and forced the Cavaliers to get back to the lair of the Celtics. The local fans hoped the home court will inspire drained the team of brad Stevens to one more feat, but nothing like the “Cleveland” was not allowed.

Already after the first quarter, it became clear that this series is completed. Boston missed the 43 points allowed to Cleveland off on 16 points. To a greater break in the basket the Celtics had 75 points – the last time such a catastrophic level defense in the playoffs in 2003 showed “Sacramento”, who missed the match with “Dallas” 83 points in the first 24 minutes of the game.

The second half turned into a formality – Boston has installed several of the club’s record, “Cleveland”, led by the brilliant LeBron James gave another powerful match and made it clear to bookmakers that they should review the status of the Cavaliers in the final series of the playoffs against the “Golden State”.

Boston – Cleveland — 102:135 (27:43, 30:32, 17:34, 28:26), the account in a series 1:4

Boston: Bradley (23), green (14), Rozier (10 + 7 assists).
Cleveland: James (35 + 8 rebounds + 8 assists), Irving (24 + 7 assists), Love (15 + 11 rebounds).

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