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NBA: Chicago has “Cleveland”, “Portland” dealt with the Houston

НБА: «Чикаго» бьет «Кливленд», «Портленд» разбирается с «Хьюстоном»In the strongest basketball League in the world coming to the end of the regular season.

“Chicago” due to the shock of the third quarter in native walls beat “Cleveland” that returned Boston to the top of the Eastern conference. The main creators of an important victory of the “bulls” began Nikola mirotic (28+10 rebounds) and Jimmy Butler (25 points). “Chicago” is now just one win behind closing the top 8 of the East “Indiana.”

Portland powerful rolls to finish the regular season today, “trail Blazers” stopped “Houston”, whose last fights turned into a formality, as the second place in the West, the rockets do not claim, but fall below I can’t. An important victory
“Portland” has brought inspired play of star point guard Damien Lillard (31+11 assists).

“Clippers” away out “Phoenix” and continued fighting with Utah for fourth place in the West. Ukrainian Alexei Lane scored 12 points that did not save his team from defeat duty.

Trio Minnesota Rubio-Townes-Wiggins in the home match against the Lakers scored 92 points, which provided the “Wolves” 30th win in the regular season.

The results of the matches of the day:

Detroit – Brooklyn— 90:89 (16:18, 19:21, 24:24, 31:26)

Minnesota – Lakers— 119:104 (37:37, 30:23, 29:22, 23:22)

Chicago – Cleveland— 99:93 (22:28, 19:22, 37:21, 21:22)

Phoenix – The Clippers — 118:124 (35:31, 24:36, 33:26, 26:31)

Portland – Houston 117:107 (32:31, 33:25, 31:29, 21:22)

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