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NBA: another win “Golden State”, “Boston” and “Cleveland”

НБА: очередные победы «Голден Стейта», «Бостона» и «Кливленда»Completed another portion of the matches of the regular championship of NBA.

The absence of Kevin Durant and Draymond Greene did not prevent “the Golden State” at the home arena smash “Chicago”. The warriors efforts of Stephen Curry and clay Thompson have amassed a 30-point advantage, and then to continue the match was not much point.

Player of the match: Stephen Curry (33+7 rebounds).

In a similar scenario a home win and scored “Boston”. “Celtics” in a match with “Orlando” the first half was won with a 26-point advantage. A set of points in the “Boston” habitually engaged in Kyrie Irving, and El Horford handed out a record in the season 10 assists.

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Player of the game: Kyrie Irving (30+4 rebounds).

LeBron James led Cleveland to a seventh consecutive victory, which allowed the Cavaliers to push “Toronto” of the top 3 of the conference. Four players Charlotte has scored at least 15 points, but it was not enough to stop the favorite of the conference. The victory of the “hornets” Serena tried to bring Kemba Walker James blocked that shot.

Player of the match: LeBron James (27+16 rebounds+13 assists).

Alex Lane in the home match against “new Orleans” played almost 20 minutes. The Ukrainian scored 5 points (2 of 6 the game, 1 of 2 free throws), collected 12 rebounds and finished the game with the figure utility “-8”.

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The results of the matches of the day:

Brooklyn – Portland 125:127 (32:23, 21:28, 39:41, 33:35)

Boston – Orlando 118:103 (40:26, 33:21, 26:22, 19:34)

Atlanta – New York 116:104 (24:39, 35:28, 30:19, 27:18)

Cleveland – Charlotte 100:99 (27:28, 27:29, 29:25, 17:17)

Indiana – Toronto 107:104 (29:25, 21:35, 31:20, 26:24)

Minnesota – Miami 97:109 (24:28, 24:30, 22:23, 27:28)

Oklahoma Detroit 98:99 (29:25, 30:24, 18:24, 21:26)

Phoenix – New Orleans 91:115 (21:33, 21:39, 20:22, 29:21)

Denver – Memphis 104:92 (27:18, 34:27, 15:29, 28:18)

Golden State – Chicago 143:94 (29:32, 45:21, 36:13, 33:28)

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