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Navka and Averbukh commented on the dance, about the prisoners of concentration camps, a controversial

The famous figure skater Tatiana Navka, the wife of the press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, in the show “Ice age” on the First channel performed a dance of love prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. Tatiana put the room together with comedian Andrew Borkowski.

The dance was staged based on the Oscar-winning film “Life is beautiful” Roberto Benigni, about the life of Italian Jews, Auschwitz prisoner. Tatiana Navka in his Instagram wrote that “our children must know and remember about the terrible time.”


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The speech caused outrage in a Network, Russian and foreign media reacted to the controversial number. “Have you gone mad! Smiles in robes with yellow stars! The hall explodes in applause… No taste, no tact, no understanding… Mediocre directing,” writes the irate viewer (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.). Subscribers Tatiana gave a serious dispute, and the majority bowed to the fact that “such speech has no place on television.”

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The President of Fund “Holocaust” Alla Gerber tried to cool critics on radio “Moscow speaking” and said that we should not accept the room so clearly. “The subject is so sore, so bloody how to handle it, what are the criteria? First of all, it seems to me, should not be a dig, it should not be irony, there should be a curve of a smile”.

Tatiana Navka was surprised criticized and commented “I am surprised, of course, the reaction. Perhaps people have not watched this wonderful movie “Life is beautiful”, won Cannes film festival awards and received three awards “Oscar”. Honestly, I have nothing to say. In our project repeatedly the topic of war, I personally not the first time the number is rolled in the clothes of concentration camp prisoners. This is our creation, and before it somehow did not cause any reaction in the world. This means that we force people to think”.

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Also on the show, he expressed and the head coach and the producer of the show “Glacial age” Ilya Averbuh: “This room was my idea. I did a number of rooms at military and Jewish themes are completely different characters. In the previous program we had a terrific room Catherine Barnabas — Armenian lullabies, too, about the tragic events. But nobody paid attention, probably because not Tatiana Navka had played. And that’s the answer. When you live in this, I think, maybe we exaggerate, distort… But the Daily Mail in this article, publishes a completely unverified facts. But it’s not some rag, and one of the first editions.”

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