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NATO has supported granting Ukraine lethal weapons

В НАТО выступили за предоставление Украине смертоносного оружияNATO’s top commander called for strengthening the armed forces of Ukraine as possible.

The Supreme commander the integrated armed forces of NATO in Europe, General Curtis Scaparrotti made for granting Ukraine lethal weapons. Such a proposal he made at the hearing in the Senate Committee on armed forces.

In response to the question of the Senator-Republican James Inhofe about how he agrees with what the United States should provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, Scaparotti said that Ukrainians face a tough fight, calling them disciplined soldiers. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“They oppose the so-called separatists, who are actually Russian puppets. Russia is supplying them with lethal weapons and also experiencing there are some new military methods. We need to strengthen the Ukrainian armed forces as much as possible,” said the General, Scaparrotti.

“I’m glad to hear that you support the provision of lethal weapons to our friends in Ukraine”, – said the Senator-Republican John Ernst, commenting on the response of the Supreme commander of NATO.

“It seems that we all agree with that. I it was stated by this administration and hope that this administration will decide to provide assistance as early as possible. Recently I feel increasingly concerned because of Russia’s use of tactical UAVs to locate artillery, as well as technologies for blocking GPS navigation,” – said Senator Ernst.

So she asked the General Scaparotti, types the latest technology the Russians used against the Ukrainian and other conflicts?

“We see that in Ukraine the Russians, to a certain extent, do what they did in Syria. This is the use of the Ukrainian conflict as a testing ground for their latest technology and methods. Among them what you mentioned – the reduction of the time interval between when the detected target and, when she could be impressed, particularly with the use of drones.

“This is a problem for the United States. Because these methods are beginning to be used in certain extent and other terrorists. We are working on these technologies. Work with Ukraine and provides us the opportunity to test some of the things that we do. We need to provide them with early warning systems, etc., to enable them to confront the fact that the Russian henchmen”, – said at the hearing, General Curtis, Scaparrotti.

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