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National unity day: the holiday that I don’t have time to cancel

День народного единства: праздник, которого нет, пора отменять

In 2018, the Russians, besides the traditional Saturdays and Sundays, for the allocated 28 days. It’s a whole month of work. Here and new year holidays, and “female”/ “male” day, may holidays, a short break in June (two days for joy on the Day of Russia), and, of course, the November Day of national unity.

Date 4 Nov gave birth in pain. In 2005, the authorities had the idea to close old Soviet holiday of November 7. They say, and times have changed, and the Communists, it’s time to know my humble place. Of course, this is not a fundamental prohibition of the Communist party, but at least something. According to statistics, this day (the day of the great October socialist revolution) was on the fourth place in popularity after the New year, March 8 and may 9. Any “Halloween” and “Valentine” have not had time to enter this classic set. But the long view of historical facts relating to the first half of the eleventh month, revealed only commemorate the liberation of Moscow militia from Polish invaders in 1612. Thought about it and decided to perpetuate. In the presidential Administration slapped together, including on her hands, and started to implement. Already forced incarnation as President the idea of on-mountain approved.


Six months before the first new holiday spin doctors urgently developed concepts, event logos and names. Conducted discussions with experts and historians. “What Is Unity Day? We need then to rewrite history?” – anxiously whispered specialists in reformation of public consciousness.

It took 13 years. “Oculoplastics” the children go in the fifth and sixth grades of schools. It would seem that they should somehow answer the question of what day it is great and even holiday? There is no answer from them. As their teachers. Clear and understandable answer is no, and the developers of celebrating this day, frankly.

What is it? Why did this happen? It’s very simple, we already have the “Day of the Russian Flag,” “Independence Day” (aka “Day of Russia”) and “Constitution Day”. Set sufficient? Completely. Celebrating? No… It’s a perfect way to celebrate your birthday, forgetting when it is. No friends with gifts, no greetings, no joy. Self-deception in its purest form.

Patriotism, ties of unity and other proud to come here just by yourself, when there is trust within the society and the trust of this society in the institutions of state power. And today in Russia a crisis of confidence. And recovering it is not due to the fake date, but at the expense of real cases. Institutions begin to trust, when the economy grows, personal wealth at least does not decrease, and your country is not considered “third world”. And when you’re only prohibit, scare and withdraw without any guarantees – here, as in the animal world wild, every man for himself. Because the refrigerator is white both outside and inside. And the new “day of Cosmonautics-3” the smile molded on his face. And not increased the joy. Will add nothing.

It is ironic and chosen symbol of national unity Day – Russian bell. How many know that in General this is the place to be? And it is. Selected as the logo and material for distribution to the masses in celebrating this day… like a St. George ribbon. And once you gave it? Apparently, the very embarrassing.

At the end of October this year, the ubiquitous smarmy VTSIOM asked Russians as the us celebrates the national unity Day and we feel if we, so to speak, all our skrivnosti of life? So, 42% of Russians answered honestly that on 4 November for the holiday is not considered in principle, and, therefore, roast suckling pig with buckwheat porridge night and bacon, and tablecloths not starch.

November 4 – holiday that nobody needs. The holiday, which is not. Just an extra day off for public sector employees. To get some rest. To wipe, finally, the dusty floor, to go to the Mall for winter clothing for children to sleep. This class also do not care about ties and unity. People live their problems.

The unity of the country and its inhabitants stillborn holiday brought. Why should he? Hanging like a ridiculous demonstration of hypocrisy and widespread props, which for lack of a living essential ideological meanings, trying to shield big Potemkin village called “consolidation of the Russian society”. All have these cardboard shutters are fed up. The holidays are all under the ideology of the country are formed. We do not have it. Therefore, the Day of national unity it is time to cancel. Replacing the false meanings in these cases. But yet, alas, we see that to unite a community without the “bells” our power is not.


Russia now should be wary of the temperamental leaders of the United States and China in most small measure. Russia destroys itself from within. We combined elements of brittle Chinese plastic, used to look out for only the external enemy and to guard the border, not turning face towards Russians. It on us with a grin, looking around the world, our sworn enemies, because all their work for them our government is doing. We don’t need holidays to produce, and to solve the task of forming the new country we are almost 30 years trying to build. But in the end do not build, but rather destroy. The farther, the stronger. Go to the political and economic collapse.

The inaction of the officials reluctance to see existing and overripe problems of our sick society and indifference of the elites to the common people – all this does not contribute to unity. Even once a year. Even in slushy November somewhere in a cafe with a hot tea.

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