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National idea of Russia

Национальная идея России

“Why do we want a world where there is Russia?”

Start with the fact that, in my opinion, the national idea [1] can not be expressed long formulation, because of the word — a guide to action. The formula of the national idea is the tuning fork that sets public targets addressed in the past and the future. And another thing: correctly verbalized the national idea will give us the energy needed for collaborative work.

It is very desirable that it would not challenge the rest of the world. You should consider the negative experience of the Nazis and losers in the US neo-liberals, declaring by the mouth of Obama’s idea of its national exclusiveness. It would be good of their own society and neighbors on the planet to offer such that it will not cause any internal split or anxiety from those neighbors.

Tracing the discussion on this topic, I came to the conclusion that it is better to use the principle of “Occam’s razor” and not the “Overton window”. And I want to contribute to the discussion.

“Why do we want a world where there is Russia?” — said Vladimir Putin.

This is our warning to the world in terms of the General turbulence. It’s heard. Our external counterparties way or another recognize that it is increasingly difficult to avoid “the curves of the goats” and that marked the “red line” of what he saw.

However, for the confident March on the historical path “is not enough”. Before society and the government faces the challenge of preserving and development of Russian civilization. What would it say Bohemian skeptics, Arnold Toynbee it is difficult to argue, but he made Russia in its list of world’s civilizations. It took place in the culture of multi-ethnic and multi-religious society in the state thanks to all the peoples that inhabit it. However, it is absurd to dispute the fact that the engine marches on this path was and remains the Russian superethnos.

Contrary to the ideas of “cunning” nationalism less numerous and all small peoples, my trip to the national regions of Russia show the opposite: the non-Russian ethnic groups are concerned about the health of the Russian no less than his own.

So, we need internal consensus in all their diversity of opinions, because all civilizations have destroyed themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the path of strengthening state sovereignty, despite the sanctions, Russophobia and other challenges.

Obviously, for the isolationist version of the resource we have is not enough. Russia is not China, or otherwise able to withdraw in China, offering rest for the time being is not very clear “community of common destiny” [2].

I was familiar with Vadim Tsymbursky, which was published in 1994, is a wonderful essay “the Island of Russia” with a variant of the national idea in the form of mild isolationism. From the point of view of the author of this concept, neighboring countries (border States [3]) represented as some “ducts” that separates Russia from other centers of power.

If they are neutral, and the glory of God. How to create the conditions to ensure that they are not stretched, followed by Ukraine, which, in fact, with the help of external stakeholders is doing everything possible to erase the Russian civilizational code and become a Russian anti-world?

Then who and how are we to bow to the Alliance and who to leave to the allies? Once this question is put in public or non-public, will start discord, lobbying tricks, and couples can go whistle.

Long ago, in the late 1980s, I was discussing with the creators of the mathematical development models, what model can match Russia. So, sine ira et studio. Most of all I liked the model of the axis that corresponded to my ideas about the history, geography and a bright future. The fact that the axis is almost impossible to break, as it requires you to clearly synchronize three steps: press the two ends and hit in the middle of the top or bottom. And so, I press right it goes left and Vice versa. “Middle” our bottom have on Iran, and top — to Canada.

Russian tree not so easy to chop down

Therefore, I suggest the following formula of the national idea, “Russia is the axis of the world”. For us “the world” — this “not war”, and humanity. Translated into foreign languages the first value, of course, preferable. First, we definitely need peace, not war, and no matter why. There’s no need to apologize, humbly to persuade “partners” that we are white and fluffy. We may — black and shaggy, but pragmatic: we, unlike the US, the war is not to cash in and splurge.

Secondly, the formula “axis of the world” eliminates the need to get bogged down in fruitless discussions and in search of answers to the question: Russia — Europe, Asia, Eurasia or aziopa? The poet is right: “We understand all…” [4]. And anyway, I like the Asian this nasty condescending anthropology with the construction of “Europe” [5]. Why we all clearly? Developed over the centuries out of necessity. As said, the hero of “the quiet don” Grigory Melekhov: “Life is like that”.

And opponents we say: Ah, sly, still cherished the dream of Empire, the “prison of peoples”, etc.?! We, in response, again not going to make excuses, and humbly say: who is without sin among you, let him venture to launch a stone at us with you in our common glass house. Only you and your Empire, I mean the colonial powers with democracy only for yourself, sweetheart, are built in a fundamentally different historical, geopolitical and demographic circumstances. Take our former sparring partner on the “Great game” — Britain. She suffered on their Islands from the crowding and from an excess of population, and we — from a chronic shortage.

Hats off to the British art of navigation. It allowed Britain to seize the initiative from the Spanish and “rule the seas” and the overseas territories. To us, orphaned and poor, mastering of the territory adjacent, had to multiply his power to come to terms with the need to meet the wishes inhabiting their ethnic groups and their elites. That is, to integrate, to open the way to social mobility, to develop, often even at the expense of “metropolis”. Face it, we had experience with deportation, but he was so poor that we are in the midst of the disgusting. Treat the wounds to the affected peoples, and are still not cured.

The British organized an artificial famine in Ireland contiguous to them, what is called to repent of G. K. Chesterton. However, we would have imputed “Holodomor” in Ukraine, recognize for “Chesnakov”, hunger when we were, so — everywhere. In the metropolis swelled no less than in the suburbs, which some people are trying to put our colony.

Maybe one of us had dreams about carrying the “white man’s burden”, but to translate them into reality we have was not possible. And will not be, by definition. Therefore we have developed under the categorical imperative, this mentality, where the results of your Western partners, the current attempts with multi-cores is ridiculous Chimera. And about the “famine” [6] a shout in Ukraine, followers of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism D. I. Dontsov, which is about the national idea expressed in quite the Nazi spirit:

“Those moral ideas are good, which are for the future in the competitive struggle for existence … it is good behavior that is for the future race, the evil — to harm him. This idea of implacable, uncompromising, tough, fanatical, immoral. It is guided only by the fact that the interests of the species (eng. species). These features every big national idea, and this, and nothing else gives it such an explosive force in history.”

Well, well. He’s either a provocateur, or idealist inside out, and “we, the multinational people of the Russian Federation, United by a common fate on our land”, modest people and prefer to offer a mutually acceptable cooperation in the chosen civilization format. In your postmodern world everything turned into a commodity. And terrorism, too. So we for not the highest price offer the security that, more and more goes into the category of deficit.

So do we — axis, able to withstand everything and everyone who is willing to work together with us to strengthen it.


[1] the national idea in philosophy — a systematic compilation of national identity. The national idea determines the meaning of the existence of a people, ethnic group, nation. It can be expressed through artwork or a variety of philosophical texts.

[2] a Community of common destiny of mankind — a concept proposed by XI Jinping in November 2012 at the XVIII national Congress of the CPC.

[3] From lat. limitrophus “edge” — the term for a group of countries formed after 1917 the territory was part of the Russian Empire, and then, in the early 1990-ies in the USSR.

[4] We love everything — the heat of cold numbers,

The gift of divine visions,

We understand all — sharp Gallic sense

And gloomy German genius… (the Scythians. A. A. Blok).

[5] Which is not the Euro are not more expensive and not cheaper Asia.

[6] “Holodomor” is the name of the famine in the USSR (in boundaries of 1933) that is used to interpret the tragic events in domestic and foreign policy of various countries, political structures and organizations. Earlier, in statements and actions of anti-Soviet, now — Russophobic orientation.


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