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“National” electric cars VW will overcome to 550 km

«Народные» электромобили VW одолеют до 550 кмThe engine will be integrated into the design axis.

Company VW for the first time shared some technical details about the chassis of its future electric family ID. The manufacturer really going to make electric vehicles affordable as well as the traditional hatchback middle class.

The platform on which to build a family of VW ID designed specifically for electric vehicles and get scalable: officially announced that VW will build on its basis a very wide range of models, from a compact hatchback to a crossover. Electric cars VW should in future appear in all segments. In this case, each of them promised short overhangs and elongated due to the absence of the internal combustion engine wheelbase: VW increases cabin space.

The electric motor in the framework of the new platform will be integrated into the design axis, and for the transmission of traction to the wheels will meet the single-stage gearbox. Battery the VW engineers are going to place under the floor of electric cars. The official stated that for every model, the power reserve will be from 330 to 550 km.

These traits will combine in the future not only of the family of VW ID, but also a range of electric vehicles which is planned to be released under other brands. On this platform, Audi, Skoda and Seat, will produce passenger electric cars and commercial division of VW light commercial vehicles. In the end, at the first stage of the development of “trolley” will be the base for more than 10 million vehicles.

What to debut electric vehicle, it has already invented the whole ideological concept. Electric for all, or “Electricity for all” campaign, which VW will launch with sales of its first production electric car. It will happen in 2020, and the Germans seriously expect that they will be able to spur the process of replanting car owners with cars with internal combustion engines to electric vehicles – including using pricing policy. The first electrojets VW should be as accessible as diesel VW Golf.

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