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Natalia Vodianova has created a petition in support of the singer Yulia Samoilova


This year Russia at competition “Eurovision” was supposed to represent the 27-year-old Yulia Samoylova, from his childhood confined to a wheelchair. However, the security Service of Ukraine has banned the actress to enter the territory of the country within three years, because that in 2015, spoke in the Crimea.

The organizers of “Eurovision-2017”, which will take place in Kyiv, suggested a participant from Russia to perform at the competition through the video, but the First channel has refused this idea, and to send on “Eurovision” of another artist.

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The situation angered the public. Many celebrities came to the defense of Julia. Among them is supermodel Natalia Vodianova. First, the star wrote a great post in Instagram, stressing that everything that happens, is unfair. “How is this possible? My heart bleeds, although only a week ago, was jubilant with happiness, knowing that in the Eurovision song contest Russia will be represented by the beautiful Julia Samoilova”, — shared his opinion annoyed Vodianova.

Vodianova now passed from words to actions: the model has created a petition in support of Samoilova, which is going to provide the organizers of “Eurovision” and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“According to the rules of Eurovision, the country hosting the competition must ensure that all participants have the opportunity to obtain an entry visa for the whole period of the event. It turns out that the refusal of Yulia Samoilova of entry into the territory of Ukraine violates the rules of the competition, and most importantly, her rights as a musician and person.

If the reason for the ban and the scandal are political games of Russia and Ukraine, Yulia was their hostage. The only way to affect the unfairness of the situation is we, the citizens of Russia and Ukraine to unite and to allow its participation, to support Yulia on a simple human level.

I’m not myself and never call for the political debate, including right now, I’m talking about the one main truth about love.

For me, the Russians and Ukrainians are one people. And I was very hurt by what is happening between Ukraine and Russia. If we all — citizens of Ukraine and Russia — came together here, where we have a voice where we stand and have ensured that Julia went to the competition, we would show that WE do not want this hatred!!! What we miss, when we quietly went to each other’s homes. That country’s leadership, TV channels, music contests must listen to the people. And Julia must sing,” wrote Natalia.

Vodianova is confident that the petition will be able to influence the situation: “Every signature on this petition will not only be a word in favor of justice, but a voice against the hatred of our people against the political games and manipulations, in support of all our friends and loved ones on both sides of the border, in the name of peace and love. I know petitions work, but to win, we can only together.”
At the moment the petition was signed by more than 50 thousand people.

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