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Natalia Mogilevskaya admitted how she managed to lose weight

Наталья Могилевская призналась, как ей удалось похудетьThe star revealed her secrets.

Ukrainian singer and the participant of the project “Dances with stars” Natalya Mogilevskaya swimsuit, which boasted a figure talked about his diet.

On the page in Instagram, the actress posted photos taken in the gym and described what he was eating during the day. Mogilev admitted that the most difficult to organize 4-5 times a day meal for the whole day since morning.

“I carry a small cooler in it food of the working day. Dinner and Breakfast at home. The basic principle is carbohydrates with vegetables and fruits in the morning, and secondly, proteins with vegetables. Afternoon – usually hard. You can not break.

A sample diet:

9:00 Breakfast: porridge with fruit, berries, yogurt and honey. Or porridge with vegetables. Or noodles with vegetables.

11:30 2 Breakfast: fruit, berries or cereal again (if hungry), even a sandwich, God bless him.

14:00 Lunch: Soup, poultry or meat or mushrooms (if you are a vegetarian) and vegetables. (Here carbohydrates, bread and fruit already should not be)

16:30 Afternoon tea: cottage cheese and vegetables or fish and vegetables, nuts and tea, or if you want sweet, any black berries.

19:30 Dinner (if you do not forget to eat 2 Breakfast and afternoon tea, it is not so much want) but you have to force yourself.

Fish or cheese with warm vegetables type stew or steamed. All portions of 250-300 g” – painted by Natalia.

Also the star was advised to exercise 15-30 minutes in the morning and noticed that it is better to do exercises not alone, and to attend group sessions.

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