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Natalia Ionova condemned for the lack of underwear on the “Children’s MUZ-TV”


11 Dec Natalia Ionova made at the Christmas party “DANCING! TREE! MUZ-TV!”. For the event the singer chose a modest outfit — black dress with asymmetrical hem and sleeves. Fans noted that finally, the artist began to dress modestly and never puts the body on display.


But there it was. The next day Natalia published in Instagram photo from a summer vacation in the Maldives. The picture shows the singer posing almost naked, from the clothes the star only lace panties.


Fans condemning reacted to the picture of the singer, but it seems that Natalia is not going to heed the advice to dress modestly. 14 Dec Ionova made to “the Children’s MUZ-TV” in white dress with orange trim and a small slit at the hem.

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The image would be constrained, if the star wearing a bra.



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“Of the children’s prize with protruding nipples. The brain is zero! And this is the mother of two children. Was the singer, now commonplace girl, without any signs of shame or measure,” “You really have brain lost, forgot where to go? Tin, our boys have turned their children, the boys look at you and hesitate. You normal at all?” “Just wondering when she was going to this event, she saw herself in the mirror… Yes, beautiful, Yes defiantly. but what was the purpose when you wear it for kids, though reviews rave event?!”, “Children’s party without the bodice, somehow does not paint the woman – mother” — comment on outfit of Natalia outraged fans (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.). How do you think the singer chose the appropriate dress?

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Наталья Ионова не стесняется демонстрировать свое тело

Певица находится в потрясающей форме

Звезда прикладывает немало усилий, чтобы ее тело было стройным и подтянутым

Наталья Ионова

Певица уверена, что каждая женщина, став матерью, не должна забывать о себе, поэтому в Instagram звезды столько пикантный снимков

Наталья Ионова Фоото: instagram.com/chistyakova_ionova

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