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Nastya Kamenskih told the truth about the affair with the captain

Настя Каменских рассказала всю правду о романе с ПотапомThe singer on the eve of its 30th anniversary, has opened the heart with journalists about private life and plans for the future.

Before you fly to USA on tour with Potap Nastya Kamenskih talked to the journalists of “1+1” and replied to them almost to the most urgent questions.

Mother of the singer also shared vivid memories of the past, she told all about what a dumpling was born Nastya and a few interesting moments from the childhood of the famous Ukrainian artist.

Today, may 4, Kamensky was 30 years old. She is a big girl and her main desire is to become a mother. She dreams about children and does not hide the fact that her heart not just busy, but she’s madly in love and doesn’t want to tell anyone anything because he’s afraid to ruin their happiness.

On account of the affair, the engagement and future wedding with Potap Nastya replied: “you came up with, have written themselves something to celebrate, but I didn’t say anything!”. That is, the public may be wrong and the heart of the singer is quite busy with another man, time will tell.

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