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Nastya Kamenskih learned Spanish and going on a distant tour

Настя Каменских выучила испанский и собралась на далекие гастроли The singer in a new way NK will go on tour through Latin America.

Popular Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky admitted that during a tour of Latin America, learned Spanish, and even became popular among the locals. She told about it to Katya Osadchaya in the framework of the “social life”.

“I do say that I look like a Brazilian. I was the first Ukrainian singer who crossed the ocean, she sang there, and even spoke in Spanish,” she said.

Moreover, Kamensky admitted that she even started to learn the local.

“Third day of a promotional tour. We just went to eat. And there sat grandpa, who said, “Oh my God, I saw you on the today show with my wife. You are even more beautiful in person. You have such a cool song, it will become popular.” And you sit there like the moon,” she said.

Thus, according to the singer, she even now continues to learn Spanish.

“When you really want something, for you to become available. I taught him every day for 5 hours. With a notebook. And even now, in the dressing room, in my backpack a notebook in which I record words. All who now see us – moms, dads, let your children languages. It’s like expanding your horizons. The language is everything. And the money you have and so learn to consider,” said Kamensky.

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