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Nastasya Samburski responded to the insult the editors of the show “Let them talk”

30-year-old actress Nastassja Samburski angrily spoke to the journalists, the talk show “Let them talk”. Nastasia posted correspondence to your Manager with the editor of transmission, which persuaded the time to come on the air. Refusal by the employee of the First channel is perceived sharply.

The representative Samburski in response to the invitation to participate in the show wrote: “Good afternoon, Natalia! Nastasia will not be on a talk show.” What the editor of “Let them talk” said, “why is it so? Pissing?”

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Nastasia decided to respond to rudeness and put the conversation in the open access. Screen Samburski added an angry comment: “so the editors of the program “Let them talk” talk to people. SSU if I participate in a g**not? Yes I wanted to piss, you bastards, feeding on grief and personal life, which in my opinion is untouchable, if the person just doesn’t want to tell publicly! Leave alone my friends and family! What do you need from me? You little stories about monsters, scoff at people and other chickens, which is something to brag about? Why do you need my life? Freaks! I am working and not bothering anyone, don’t rape kittens and are not satisfied with drunken fights and rude only to those who does not behave in the most dignified way with me!” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.)

Samburski added that the editors of the project will continue to call her family. “Now they call my friends and say that I’ll be there, misleading them! Guys, in no case do not go to him live! There’s no way I will not appear there, but if you show up, it will cease to exist for me”.

Fans supported the actress: “a strong word! Who, as you certainly have nothing to do there”, “I fully support you!”, “Nastasya, you’re so sweet and do not spoil the nerves for all”, “totally agree with your opinion and position!”

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