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NASA would attract young scientists to explore the Solar system

NASA привлечет молодых ученых для изучения Солнечной системыInteraction between groups will be conducted via a virtual network.

NASA intends to establish four new research units at universities to study nearby objects in the Solar system.

It is expected that young researchers will study the behaviors and structure of the moon and near Earth asteroids. At a later stage in terms of study fall the satellites of Mars (Phobos and demos). Specialists will not be limited in its intentions, which will allow them to conduct a series of experiments in outer space using the advances in modern robotics, astrophysics and cosmology. A separate scientific division at NASA will be tasked to develop tools for the exploration of the surfaces of celestial bodies regardless of their size, others will be engaged in monitoring the dynamics of radiation. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

And finally, thanks to the joint cooperation appears probabilistic map of dangerous events, allowing you to come up with a system to prevent them.

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