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NASA will send ISS a deadly bacterium

NASA отправит на МКС смертельно опасную бактериюNASA sends to the ISS bacterium that is resistant to all drugs

February 18, the U.S. national Directorate of Aeronautics, NASA is sending to the International space station (ISS) bacterium that is resistant to all drugs.

The reason for this run is the desire of specialists to get acquainted with the effects of weightlessness on the organism. Scientists want to analyze the change in properties of bacteria in the process of development in space. It is assumed that in the case of the successful experiments will be able to bring medical advances to a new level. Bacteria on the ISS will deliver the spacecraft Dragon, the launch of which is scheduled for six o’clock in the evening Moscow time on 18 February.

Experts note that the microorganism you are trying to deliver to the ISS is a disease of various degrees of complexity. It can cause acne vulgaris, but there is a possibility of acquiring serious health problems in the form of meningitis and pneumonia.

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