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NASA will release “the bag” to clean space debris

NASA выпустит "кулек" для уборки космического мусораNASA will create the technology that will be able to fly up to space debris, to wrap him up like a bag, and then be destroyed in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

The thickness of the device is equal to the size of the paper sheet.

Project implementation is led by the inventor Siegfried Janson, which last year received funding from NASA in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, and after another $ 500,000 to build a prototype and test the device.

Janson argues that his subordinates create a promising direction and production technologies. After a certain time, according to the scientist, will be made the full technological card which experts will start the development and research of individual components, polygamy the basis for a new unusual spacecraft.

It is reported that the novelty received the name of Craft Brane, is a membrane size of 90 by 90 centimeters and a weight of 85 grams. It operates by solar battery. The principle of operation is simple: the propulsion system “pushes” the vehicle to space debris, “wraps” it, and then moves towards the Earth, where the educated of the trade mark burning in the atmosphere.

After graduating from the operation, Brane Craft flies to the other accumulations of debris. Solar panels give him the opportunity to travel a long distance, that is, it can be applied in research missions.

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