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NASA will monitor the comet threat

NASA будут следить за опасными кометамиArtificial intelligence is playing a larger role in our lives.

Self-driving cars, speech recognition, and now the project is for space.

In the framework of NASA Frontier Development Laboratory 17 Aug presented ideas on this topic. In particular, it has been shown artificial intelligence system for determining the orbits of potentially dangerous comets. Also AI can be used to improve the maps of the lunar surface.

For work were used data from the Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance (CAMS). This allowed for meteoroid streams to predict the occurrence near the Earth long-period comets. In the framework of the CAMS 60 cameras at three stations work continuously, looking for traces of the dim meteors. Their trajectories are then correlated with recent comets.

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Used for processing the neural network that is able to recognize exactly meteors, separating them from the clouds of fireflies and aircraft. As he turned down two 2 months of testing in 90% of cases the predictions of the neural network were confirmed by the assessments of people. Were analyzed up to a million meteors.

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However, there were also skeptics who demanded proof that meteor showers — it’s not noise in the data, and also that they are remnants of comets, not asteroids or other sources. So, Marcelo de Cicco from the Brazilian national Institute of Metrology, one of the founders of the project, agreed that the network needs to be expanded.

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